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Robert Lau praises DAP Wong King Wei for being brave

Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew believed that life as a politician is often confronted with much soul searching after reading the statement by the Padungan Assembly person, Wong Kim Wei who quit DAP. 

Saying that it was a brave move to make by Wong, there are lines that could not be crossed. 

Lau said there will be politicians who will use this resignation of Wong to hit at DAP and it’s leadership for their failure and that would be reactionary so there is no need to cast the first stone.

“Then there are career politicians who have no qualms about crossing any line as they see all lines as necessary evil in order to survive and quite often for personal gain or ambition. They will jump from one political party to another without even a blink of an eye so long as the demand or the incentive is acceptable. We have seen too too many of these. The latest place to watch is in Sabah where attempts are being made to topple the legitimately elected warisan led government. The voters  should mark out those who jumped during the next election. 

There are times that really necessitate the switch of party loyalty based on principle. This happen when the party leadership veered away from the purpose. This should be the last resort with attempts made to get the leadership of the party to change their stand or to challenge the leadership. If that fails or when there is really no hope to do so, then the time to quit the party can be considered as the brave and right thing to do,” he said. 

Senator Robert Lau

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