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Kho Teck Wan respects Wong King Wei ‘s decision

SUPP Woman chief, Kho Teck Wan said she was shocked to hear about YB Wong Khing Wei’s resignation from DAP. 

From the reasons stated in his resignation letters, as fellow Kuchingite she said she respected his decision and wish Wong all the best in his future endeavour. 

His statement, she added is a testimony that the PH government and DAP truly failed the people in bringing change and transformation to the Malaysia government and for all the promises that PH failed to delivered and decisions that were u-turned, It was a lesson to learn for all of us in politics irrespective of political divide. 

Whatever Wong’s disappointment and disagreement with DAP Sarawak, Lho said it was  not something that she wanted to  comment on as they are DAP internal party matter.

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