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Two days course on Flood and Water safety awareness

A two days public free course entitled Flood and Water Safety Awareness Course initiated by Pusat Latihan Kelemasan Penyelamat (PLPK), jointly organised by Jawatankuasa Dewan Siburan and Siburan District Office.

The main intention to organise this course is to create awareness and basic guideline to the public and those involve in the rescue or relief mission on water safety. For instance, on the prepareness and during drown incidents or flood relief. Every time when incident happened, victim may incurs with heavy loses due to lack of knowledge on water safety. Not to mention lost of precious life.

Knowing how to swim and lifeguard swimming skill are totally two different things. Many may know how to swim well but may not be able to save a drown victim. If 10 swimmers went to save drown victims, most probably 8 of them may not survive themselves.

Consequently, we organise this course to make aware to the public that water safety awareness course is a practical emergency response knowledges for any eventuality for example how to call for emergency rescue to prevent panicking when incident happens.

The orgniser encourage interested public to attend this course, if you have any enquiry on the matter, please contact Mr Chung 0198894253 or Mr Lucas Lim 019 8787778.  Date of course: 23rd & 24th November 2019,

Venue: Dewan Siburan

This water safety awareness talk is initiated by Pusat Latihan Penyelamat Kelemasan (PLPK) and jointly organise by SRB Chung Hua Siburan. The main purpose is to create awareness to students, parent or their guardian and teachers on the danger of water and guideline during flood and drown.

Every school holiday especially during the year end, it is also the peak period for drown case hence, PLPK put a lot of emphasis to inculcate students especially on water safety knowledge through preventation and prepareness.

Date: 13 November 2019

Time: 10.10am

Venue: SRB Chung Hua Siburan School Hall

In addition, we encourage parents or guardians to join this one hour water safety talk. We take this opportunity to appreciate and thank SRB Chung Hua Siburan and it School Management Board for the kind support.

For further enquiry on the matter, please contact Mr Chung 0198894253 or Mr Lucas Lim 019 8787778

The SRB Chung Hua school Board committee Chairman and members.

The SRB Chung Hua school Board committee Chairman and members.

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