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Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Sebastian Ting who went to view the rainbow stairs leading to Trusan beach yesterday said construction is near completion.

Ting said it took about 8 minutes to walk up the stairs was the initiative of SUPP Miri Youth who came up with the idea.

He said he had suggested to the SUPP to come up with idea when going up the footpath as it tend to be slippery when it was wet and sandy when it was dry. So, he said with the staircases, it would make a lot of convenience for public and tourists.

The beach is part of a project to promote Miri tourism and the upgrading project will be over RM4.97 million.

As construction is still on, he urged members of the public to be extra careful and a signage will be put up soon to alert the public. He said hopefully, there will be construction of more facilities to upgrade the area  in the future.

The important thing is do not dirty the place. Please, it is the duty of all to keep the place clean for our own sake and the environment, he added.

The project is scheduled to be completed in February and will have complete landscaping, railings, stalls, public toilets,  parking areas and others.

Datuk Sebastian Ting viewing the rainbow stairs.

Datuk Sebastian Ting viewing the rainbow stairs.

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