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Batu Kitang Assemblyman, Lo Khere Chiang against 3rd National car

As Sarawakians struggle on a daily basis with poor infrastructure, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government is having a field day rolling out a new line of cars; possibly by next year.

We, in Sarawak do not need a 3rd national car plant which is said to be financed by the PH government despite the many denials from them. Sarawak gives the PH government RM 250million worth of our oil per day and this is how they spend our billions. Considering the fact that the 1st car plant started by the same Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir cost the country billions of ringgit in terms of losses, one can only wonder why we have never learnt from that lesson, said Batu Kitang Assemblyman, Lo Khere Chiang.

He siad Petronas was used as a cash cow with millions of ringgit worth of oil siphoned from Sarawak each day to fund Malaya’s mega projects, among one of which was the failed first national car. Is Sarawak’s oil to be used primarily for one man’s pet projects? Will history repeat itself with the same PM in control of Petronas’ billions? Today, aggressive exploration of Sarawak’s oil has been ramped up even more, especially after Sarawakians’ expressed their unhappiness about being one of the poorest states in Malaysia despite producing triple the amount of oil per day than Brunei- one of the richest countries in the world.

Malaya, he reckoned, is pursuing ‘wants’ while Sarawak is trying hard to fulfil ‘needs’. Instead of good and proper schools, we have dilapidated and termites burrowed ones. We also need a good education system, not a system that puts emphasis on black shoes or other cosmetic changes. Malaysians are especially unhappy with the present state of our education system. We want a sensible education system that can put our youngsters on a better footing and have a more competitive edge globally. Our graduates’ poor job marketability is evidence that the country’s education system is doing our students a disservice. We are the adults. We make the decisions that will determine our young people’s future. Let us at least do that responsibly.

Thus, it is indeed very important for Sarawak to have education automony where we can determine our own education system to build brains, to nurture and to produce the best and most intelligent beings and via digital technology venture into high end and technology based industries; not blindly venturing into third car plants based on unilateral decisions. Our late beloved Tok Nan took just one day to approve UEC in Sarawak and our present CM, Datuk Patinggi Abang Jo approved the teaching of Maths and Science in English in Sarawak. The Sarawak state government is simply not interested in playing politics with Malaya’s education policies and rightly so because we should keep politics out of schools.

This is why the RM250million siphoned daily to Malaya should come back to Sarawak. With our own resources back in our hands, we will be able to ensure that Sarawakians have the means to the best education and health systems possible. We will literally be able to develop Sarawak from the present underdeveloped state to one that is technologically advanced as what our Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Abang Jo has envisioned.

Many parents send their children to universities overseas due to the lack of choices as the doors are closed to them in government education, even though they pay taxes like everybody else. Tan Sri Vincent Lee put it well when he said “ A lot  of them even borrowed from loan sharks and pay dearly in their life later for their children’s education. There are lots and lots of sad stories going around the communities, does the PH government know or care? “

That is why the Chinese business community always has education funds to help these poor students. So the PH government has to wake up and set their priorities right for all Malaysians.

PH won the election mainly because the majority of the people believed the promises made in the PH manifesto were made in good faith. Did they fall for lies on the promises regarding education, health, oil and gas rights? If not, where is our 50% on tax collected? Where is our Education & Health autonomy? Where is our 20% oil royalty?

DAP is every bit a Peninsula party and DAP Sarawak leaders are no longer fighting for the interests of Sarawak,” as Santubong MP Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar has said. “They are only mouthpieces of the central leadership in Malaya.”

We, in GPS are focused and committed towards working hard to implement the best healthcare and education policies for all Sarawakians and to safeguard our rights for the future of Sarawak.

Lo Khere Chiang

Lo Khere Chiang

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