Piasau assemblyman Datuk Sebastian Ting CNY message


The harmonious atmosphere during the Chinese New Year has truly reflected Malaysia as a special multicultural country.

With that being said, its leaders and citizens must work hand-in-hand to sustain the peace and harmony through tolerance, unity and mutual understanding.

The political scene and the economy changes had, unfortunately, put our country into a difficult and challenging situation, especially in the times when unruly slandering and untruthful rumours are affecting the people, therefore it is vital for all to work together as one to overcome these obstacles.

Sarawak government has always strives in strengthening the friendship and brotherhood among its people, knowing that, maintaining harmonious country is the pillar to prosperous development and nation building.

Similarly, the people of Sarawak have and should always be proud of being part of it. Despite small group of mischief-maker, the majority of its people embraces the rich and multicultural elements that built from its multiracial and colourful background.

Miri, our beautiful home, that had transformed from a sleepy fishing village into a modern city with all the modern infrastructures, it has now become the home to many from different races and religious background.

Every Mirian has a role to play in protecting and maintaining the city to be better. The local authority, on the other hand, need to ensure that Miri is ever ready at its best as a tourism city, with improved city infrastructure and safety, making it a merrier, culturally rich and colourful city attracting curious visitors.

Before I end my message, I implore the people, especially the people’s representatives and grassroot leaders, to work together ensuring that Sarawak will continue prosper with lesser dispute and more love for each other.

Happy Chinese New Year 2019 and Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Datuk Sebastian Ting

Datuk Sebastian Ting

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