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Setting up an Oil and Gas Committee.

Statement by SUPP Central Working Committee Publicity and Information Secretary– Mr. Adam Yii

“Better Natural Resources Management and Opportunities for Sarawakians”

The Sarawak United Peoples’ Party fully acknowledges the very important role that our Oil and Gas resources plays in our state’s economy.

The SUPP Central Working Committee had a thorough discussion on this issue.  In view of the importance it attached to this matter, SUPP Central Working Committee decided to set up a Oil and Gas Committee. CWC member and Central Publicity and Information Secretary, Mr. Adam Yii was appointed to lead this committee.

The purpose of this committee is to plan strategies that will help the state government to convince the federal government to better serve the Sarawak’s interests and its people.

We are very concerned about the better management of our natural resources and feel there is a need to protect Sarawak’s interests, especially those related to our Petroleum based resources.

SUPP will help the state government by collecting important information and data to help it go forward and achieve its ultimate targets.

To date, two meetings, on 26th May and 4th July, have been held. The meetings focused on the fact that Sarawak’s oil and gas resources need to be utilised properly in the context of better opportunities for the people of Sarawak and Sarawak-owned companies.

The following key points were formulated:-

* Sarawak government to set up a Petroleum Unit to oversee all aspects of oil and gas resources in Sarawak.

*Considering that RM2.2 billion worth of contracts have been allocated to Sarawak based companies, we want to ensure this is implemented with our local contractors fully benefiting.

* To plan and develop strategies to support the Sarawak government’s drive to convince federal government for more allocations.

* To lobby PETRONAS to require them to enhance and increase Human Resource Development for Sarawakians.

* To have a minimum of 25% of all jobs in PETRONAS reserved for Sarawakians.

* To have more Sarawakians appointed in the Top Management of PETRONAS.

* To form an Oil and Gas Occupation and Training organisation specifically to upgrade the skills of Sarawakians and business development opportunities for Sarawakians.

* To ensure priority for Sarawak entrepreneurs for contracts in Sarawak

* To Propose the inclusion of SUPP leaders in the unit set up by the state government.

The State government and our Chief Minister YAB Adenan Satem have been briefed on the above proposals.

SUPP is now pleased to note that our state government has set up an Oil and Gas Committee. We fully support the formation of this very important committee and hope it will play a critical role in leading the development in Sarawak.

We will continue supporting the Chief Minister in his fight for and increase in royalty payments from the federal government.

Our commitment to the people of Sarawak on this matter is unwavering and strong.

SUPP oil n gas committee

SUPP oil n gas committee



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