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Dont throw used mask anywhere, said Gerald Goh

erald Goh, Organising Secretary of SUPP Batu Kitang Branch said many people are not aware of disposing used masks. 

He said due to the outbreak of the Covid 19 Pandemic, wearing masks has become an indispensable choice for us to protect ourselves from being infected and also to break the chain of spreading, flatten the curve.

This, he added could be due to misconception of not allowing used masks into the car as the public are worried of bringing used mask into the car would bring the virus home and infect their family members, thus they throw it away when they entered the car. 

This irresponsible act polluted the city and is an eye sore. It is also extremely dangerous for the authority to handle these used masks in case of contaimination. 

Another misconception was that used masks should be thrown directly into trash cans. 

As the pandemic may be around for a much longer period of time, some irresponsible persons may recycle and reselling these used masks which is definitely harmful to human health and may also provide opportunities for the spread of the virus.

As mentioned before, unsterilized used masks can easily become a source of infection as it may contain saliva, droplets and virus from an infected person.

Finally, the relevant authorities can also implement the use of “special mask collection bins” adopted by some foreign countries.  These special bins are affixed with eye-catching “for used masks” and other text signs to facilitate the public as well as the intended proper handling by relevant authorities.

In the Pandemic, we are all in the same boat. If must not think only for ourselves and forget the safety of the big environment as a whole. For as long as the Pandemic is still around, the curve will not be flattened and we will all continue to be living in a paranoid and dangerous environment.

He advised that  when disposing used masks, the masks must be disinfected first and then put in a small plastic bag. Upon reaching home, seal the bag and spray it with disinfectant and throw it into the trash can.

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