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Kho Teck Wan wants UEC recognition offically

Many sent me the press from the prime minister office regarding Putrajaya’s stand on United Entrance Certificate(UEC) recognition at the national level. It is not a surprise that the PM of only 3 months won’t make any promise on UEC recognition.

Pakatan Harapan under the leadership of Tun Mahathir had promised the recognition of UEC prior to the 13th General Election. However, after the election the rakyat was told that UEC recognition is a sensitive issue that needs survey and assessment at all levels of the society. As a person who has followed the development of UEC recognition, I am very interested to know the progress and outcome of the study. Have we got any conclusion on the study? UEC recognition has been a topic of political debate especially in the Chinese community regardless of which party rules the federal government.

Many Sarawak DAP leaders are quick to shift the blame on SUPP for PM Muhyddin Yassin’s decision. DAP had forgotten that almost 100% of the Chinese Urban voters had voted for them to be their spokesperson in the Parliament. It is ridiculous for the DAP YBs who own a seat in parliament to ask SUPP with zero Chinese representatives in parliament to fight in the parliament for UEC recognition.

The late Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem had declared that Sarawak education institutions and state government recognize UEC in 2016. Initially some of us expected a significant increase in the applications to enter state education institutions and civil service by UEC holders, but that didn’t happenHowever, the move to recognize UEC became Tan Sri Adenan Satem’s legacy, and his heroic image stayed with the Chinese community irrespective of political divide. Current CM Abang Jo takes it a step further by increasing financial support to the Chinese independent schools and his action further proved that Sarawak under GPS government is a tolerant and forward looking state like none other in Malaysia.

Politics aside, a more serious issue that Malaysia government should look into is the fact that the Chinese Independent schools produce many good students that were scouted by foreign universities as soon as their UEC results were out. The students were offered full or partial scholarships to study at the foreign universities which ended up causing major brain drain to our country.

UEC has been a topic of debate for decades, and it is about time that this multiracial country follows Sarawak’s example and recognizes the certificate that is widely accepted by over 600 universities around the world. If all politicians put their differences aside, we should know that diversity is a strength, not a threat. Our differences are the elements that provide ideas and opportunities this country needs. 

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