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Single mothers need more assistance 

Federal government should review the assistance given to help single mothers tide over this difficult MCO period, said Michael Tiang, SUPP Central Youth Chief.

He said it was a nice gesture of the Federal government to consider the difficulties faced by single mothers but the criteria to be qualified is obsolete and not fair to them.

Tiang said from what he learned, single mothers were given RM300, a one-off deal, However, their income has to be RM960 per month and they have unmarried children. Single mothers who are eligible are either widows or divorce or separate. 

“Nowadays, the minimum wage is RM1,200 so which single mother is able to qualify for that. And due to their predicament, the majority of single mothers are working so with minimal wages, they won’t be qualified at all. And it is RM300. Nowadays, RM300 will not go far as food stuff are getting more expensive,” he stated.

Tiang said even with minimal wages, the single mothers with children are facing a hard time. He hoped that the Federal government would look into the citerial and that they could make it easier for single mothers to get some assistance. 

The eligible ones can get the aid through the Welfare department before end of December this year.

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