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Michael Tiang helps Coffee shop owners to apply for BKSS

SUPP Youth Central Chairman, Michael Tiang urged the State minister to assist traders who missed out on the BKSS aids.

Tiang who is also political secretary to the CM said those who were excluded included coffee shops (selling drinks) and food trucks, mostly operated by youngsters.

He said he had a dialogue session with the Sibu Coffee shop and Restaurant Owners Association recently and was told that coffee shops selling drinks were missed out as the BKSS assisted those hawkers and petty traders.

Tiang had written to Local Government and Housing Minister for the coffee shops and food trucks to be included and the respond appeared to be positive. He hoped that the government would assist this group of people as they are facing difficult times like the hawkers. Business, he said, have not gone back to normal yet for them as many people are still cautious about eating out.

For those who received BKSS, they received RM750 for three consecutive month starting June.

So far, Tiang said, a total of 22,613 hawkers and petty traders had received BKSS which included food stall operators, lock-up stalls, market traders, barbers, canteen operators, village shops and isolated shop owners

The excluded were coffeeshop (to be appealed), restaurant, entertainment outlet, massage parlour, lottery shops, hotels, factory, cold storage, laundry and bakery.

Michael Tiang with Sibu Coffee shop and Restaurant owners chairman, Tong Ing Kok

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