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The Doˇs and Donˇts While You Are Under Home Quarantine

1. Practice good cough etiquette and hand hygiene. See diagram below.

2. Do not go to public place. In case you will need food or groceries, please get help from your other family members to do it. In case there is no family members, you may try get food delivery to your doorstep but on receiving, please put on a face mask and stand a distance of at least 3 feet ( 1 meter away from the food deliverer ). Wash your hands prior to receiving the food. If there is any issue or concern in getting food supply, please inform the quarantine officer prior to the quarantine to facilitate arrangement.

3. Do not share eating utensils with your family members/ friends.

4. For those who are in home quarantine with other family members, please self isolate in room. Eat separately. If go into common area, please put on a face mask. Adhere to proper rules and regulations of using mask. Maintain a distance of 1 metre ( 3 feet ) at least.

5. Drink lots of water and consume Vitamin C.

6. Have sufficient rest.

7. If you develop symptoms, put on a face mask and go to the nearest hospital for assessment. If you donˇt have transport, call 999 for ambulance assistance.

8. For non-health related issues, please call this 082-443991( 24 hours )

9. The health side will provide you with face mask in case there is a need for it.

Attached the pictorial on cough etiquette.

Officer need to teach how to put on and dispose face mask.

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