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Masks should be given to high risk frontliners, said Milton Foo 

Why give masks to students only but not to hawkers a high risk group who has daily contact with lots of people at the market, Milton Foo, the Secretary General of SUPP Youth Central today bombard the political show by DAP in giving out masks only to the students at schools but not to the hawkers at markets who are considered a high risk group as they are in contact with a lot of people everyday. 

“I was asked by few hawkers at Kenyalang market today why the government only give out masks to schools but not the elderly & the hawkers as they are in contact with many people everyday & are exposed to higher risk of getting the virus.”

Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) in a report on Monday had said that the median age of cases detected outside of China was 45 years, ranging from two to 74 years, and the high risk group are the elderly and frontliners. Dr Sim Kui Hian today also said that those who died due to Wuhan coronavirus are above 40 years old. 

In view of the above, the hawkers are exposed to higher risk if compared to the students at schools. 

If YB Chong Chieng Jen & YB Kelvin are truly serious about the people’s live & health, they should also give out free & new mask to the hawkers everyday, and I reiterate it’s “everyday” as the used mask cannot be reused & must be thrown away after use. What is the point of just giving only one mask which can only be used at one time & thrown away?

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