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President of SUPP Dato’ Sri Sim Kui Hian

Sarawak United People’s Party Central Committee leaders, Central Working Committee members, Youth section, Women section and leaders from all branches would like to take this opportunity in wishing all to have a happy Chinese New Year with family’s harmony and good health.

Lunar New Year is an important festive season for Chinese, it symbolizes reunion and is celebrated by visiting each other. This tradition promotes a close and harmonious relationship between each other. 

Sarawak has a unique multi race relationship, all races will celebrate each others festival through cross visiting with no race differences and no religion barrier. This is the race harmony asset that all Sarawakians should treasure.

Reject extremism in Sarawak:

The year 2020 will be a year full of variables and tough challenges ahead, with our economy currently in downturn, depreciation of our currency and high inflation, Malaysians are facing hard time to struggle for a living. 

Therefore, our country leaders must come up with a strategic solution to tackle current issues and to spur our economic growth instead of putting too much effort in fighting against their political opponents. 

On the other hand, another issue facing Malaysia is the extremism that has recently grown arrogantly, for example the recent banning of CNY decoration in SMK Bandar Puchong 1, Selangor and the attempt to challenge Chinese and Tamil schools’ legal status in the constitution, all this will jeopardize the race harmony in our country and if our leaders still do nothing and not taking any stern action against the extremists, Malaysia might fall into chaos situation. 

Being a Sarawakian, we are proud of our race harmony and mutual respect here, with no race, religion and education differences being an issue.

All Sarawakian should safeguard Sarawak by givingtheir strong support to our Sarawak Government on banning the entry of extremist into Sarawak, in order to avoid the bad influences brought by them.

People-centric policies by GPS:

It is undeniable that under the ruling of Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS), Sarawak government is able to take good care of all Sarawakian welfare through various channels and self-reliance, whilst in the midst of facing unfair treatment on economical and development support from PH federal government to Sarawak.

Below the list are the people-centric policies which are implemented by Sarawak government:

1. Flight ticket subsidy for Sarawakians who is study in Malaya and Sabah.

2. Endowment Fund Sarawak (EFS) of RM1000 each for Sarawakian new born baby 

3. Monthly free RM5 water tariff for all household

4. Free RM5000 electricity connection fee or 70% subsidy for those fee between RM5000 to RM10,000.

5. Free school bus services

6. RM450 incentive programme for every Sarawakian woman giving birth

7. Set up of RM30 million trust fund to help those Sarawakian PTPTN borrower on their repayment

8. Allocated RM90 million funding for the setting up of Sarawak Coastal Guard

9. Kenyalang Gold Card for those Sarawakian age 60 above.

Year 2020 the beginning of Sarawak become wealthy and stronger:

Sarawak government’s goals and vision is very clear and firm, that is to achieve extraordinary economic result by year 2030. 

Hence, Sarawak needs to be a wealthy State starting from this year, then following the path to become stronger.

To become wealthy State, it contains two levels – economic and talent.

For economic, Sarawak’s current economic development is in good and healthy condition and it is estimated that 5.5-6% growth is achievable in this year.

Sarawak government will continue to seek for various ways to increase our State revenue.

Sarawak wants to be self-reliant through economic standing and Sarawak’s wealth belongs to all Sarawakian. Under coexistence and prosperity concept, all Sarawak races will be enjoying the prosperous and harmonious living here.

For talent issue, Sarawak needs more talents to serve in the various fields. Only when Sarawak is not short of talents, will we are able seek for better development achievement for Sarawak, because only Sarawkians know what Sarawak wants. 

Some country in this world are rich in resources, but short in talented people, then their nation building can only rely on foreign talents. Sarawak can’t follow their path.

We believe that only when Sarawak becomes wealthy, then only Sarawak can become stronger. Therefore, Sarawak’s vision is to become financially independent first.

All Sarawakian are urged to be united and undivided, we hope that during this festive reunion visiting, Sarawakians will discuss and explore more on Sarawak’s future development.

We are all Sarawakian, we love Sarawak, those Sarawakians who are currently working overseas should also show their concern on Sarawak by giving strong support to those policies which will benefit Sarawak, in order to ensure that Sarawak can steer forward to a brighter future.

It is a norm that gourmet food will be served during Chinese New Year’s celebration, but we should not over consume and need to take good care of our own health. Health is wealth, a beautiful life will need a healthy body.

Last but not least, I on behalf of SUPP wish you all to have a prosperous Chinese New Year, a healthy body and a happy family.

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