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Dont need outsiders to control Sarawak, says Milton Foo

Sarawak is one of the nations that formed Malaysia. The federation is not only belonged or privileged to Malayan but also Sabahan & Sarawakian. However, we do not need any outsider or Malaya party to rule Sarawak as we can take care & govern our own nation. The suit against Petronas today by the Sarawak Government speaks volumes for this, said Youth Secretary general, Milton Foo.

As we all know, both DAP & PKR are Malaya party. Hence, PH Sarawak is a coalition of Malaya parties in Sarawak in the disguise of Sarawakians who are merely the agent at best the manager for the Malayan leaders.

He said it is time to ask ourselves, what can we Sarawakians do for Sarawak instead of what our country Sarawak can do for us. We deserve better future. We formed Malaysia in order to prosper & advance but not the other way round to make the Malaya to prosper at the expenses of Sarawak.

Hence, it is a prudent move to sue Petronas for the recovery of state sales tax where other foreign oil companies have duly paid except our very own national oil company, who chooses to show disrespect to Sarawak & to break the law of Sarawak. If Sarawak were to be administered by PH today, the legal action against Petronas will not have been undertaken.


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