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Happy Bees contest winners

The results of the “Count the Bees” contest organized by Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Youth Central were announced. Among the total of more than 100 contestants from all over Sarawak, 60 winners were selected.

The contest, which was held in conjunction with the 722 Sarawak Independence Day 2019, was actively responded to and participated by netizens of all ages.

The facebook of SUPP Youth Central has reached more than 5,000 people within this period. Those winners, who had accurately calculated the 128 bees and had ingeniously completed the slogan of “I love Sarawak, because…”, received the prizes in the form of cash RM100 per person at SUPP offices in Kuching, Sibu and Miri respectively.

According to Albert Tay, the Sports, Arts and Culture Bureau Head of SUPP Youth Central, the great response given to the contest has reflected that the patriotic consciousness of the peoples of Sarawak has improved significantly compared to the past. “Those participates in this contest are of multi-racial, both men and women, both elders and youngsters. The eldest is 73 years old and the youngest is 11 years old. This realistically reflects the spirit of Sarawakians united as one in defending our motherland, Sarawak.”

Here are some of the best winning slogans:

“I love Sarawak because Sarawak truly, a symbolise of UNITY & HARMONY of my life. I am staying here more than 40 years and I am so proud and happy to live in SARAWAK :)”

“I Love Sarawak because Sarawak is my HOME, I love the mixture culture, cuisines, heritage, and the spirit of UNITY very much!”

“I love Sarawak because people of different races, languages and religions can live peacefully and unity as One! Proud to be Sarawakian!”



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