SUPP Pelawan Branch hits back at PSB

Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Pelawan Branch would like to rebut the press statement issued by the secretariat of Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) in local Chinese newspaper, accusing Dr. Sim Kui Hian for giving away Chinese’s rights and interests once he became the Minister for Local Government as follows:

Before PSB making accusations against SUPP, PSB should get a mirror for their party president Wong Soon Koh to look at himself. For the past 20 years, Wong Soon Koh was the only state minister in Sibu.

His portfolio included minister for infrastructure development and transportation, minister for environment and public health, minister for local government and community development, minister for international trade and e-commerce and second minister for finance. But most importantly, he is also the minister of Sibu! Despites the fact that he oversaw various ministries in Sarawak Government, why there are so many infrastructure in Sibu remain undeveloped for 20 years? The most obvious one is the Old Oya Road which continues to be plagued with daily traffic jams. Furthermore, Jalan Ding Lik Kong, Jalan Ulu Sg. Merah as well as the Airport Road all are also infamous with traffic jams as well as poor conditions. Nevertheless, Wong Soon Koh being the Minister for Sibu, had not even mentioned about the above issues!

Likewise, Rejang Park residents had been forced to bear with the broken central sewage system and to put up with unpleasant odour for many years. But Wong Soon Koh never took up the issue. Only through SUPP Pelawan’s persistent requests made to Sarawak Government, our Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari approved RM3 million to repair the said sewage system.

Lately the most shocking moment for Sibu people has to be the evening when our Chief Minister attended a dinner hosted by local associations and told Sibu crowd the reason Sibu lacked developement in recent years was due to the fact that there was no development masterplan. It clearly shows our Sibu Minister had not been discharging his duties for Sibu!

In 2004, for the first time Sibu SUPP lost the Sibu Rural District Council Chairmanship to the then SPDP while Wong was the minister for infrastructure. Until today, the said position still hasn’t come back to SUPP.

It is also a fact that while SUPP Sibu was under Wong’s leadership, there was more in-fighting than anything else. Although Wong had since left SUPP and formed his own political parties, Wong and PSB continue to crave for more power games than speaking up for Sarawak rights and people issues.

It was very strange for PSB in its press statement to claim that the new SMC Chairman would be a non-Chinese candidate. It seems like PSB knows the identity of the new SMC Chairman as if Wong Soon Koh has a hand in the matter. SUPP Pelawan would like to challenge PSB to announce the name of the new SMC chairman as they claimed in the press statement. By Supp Pelawan secretariat 2nd August 2019.

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柏拉旺支部反驳砂团党  促勿乱套罪名

砂拉越人民联合党柏拉旺支部针对砂全民团结党秘书处日前發表文告,乱套沈桂贤当地方政府部长导致人联“典当”华人权益罪名的言论,发表以下反驳: (1)砂全民团结党在为该党党主席黄顺舸指摘人联党而背书时,应该要拿一面镜子给它的党 主席黄顺舸先自己照一照。这二十多年来,黄顺舸一直都是诗巫唯一的部长,当过基本设施部长,环境卫生部长,地方政府部长,国际贸易部长以及第二财政部长,最重要的:他也是诗巫部长!过去黄部长在掌管过这么多部门长达二十年,为什么诗巫各方面的基本设施发展还是停留在 20 年前? 最明显的要算是,旧乌耶路是条要道却天天堵车,十年如一日。还有陈立广路,乌鲁顺溪美拉路以及机场破烂的路这些主要道路,每逢上学上班繁忙时刻,交通堵塞,道路破旧的严重程度都令当地居民苦不堪言。一直到今天,黄部长对以上这些课题,没有发过一言! 多年来,拉让花园居民生活在中央排污系统崩坏,臭气熏天的环境里,黄部长视而不见。非常欣慰的是,去年砂拉越首长在诗巫人联党柏拉旺支部的争取下,终于拨出三百万为拉让花园居民解了一道难题。 最令诗巫人民震惊的一刻,就是最近砂拉越首长在出席诗巫社团活动时,公开表明诗巫过去都没有发展蓝图,因此诗巫发展受阻多年!换句话,我们的诗巫黄部长根本就是严重失责! (2)在 2004 年,诗巫人联党首次失去诗巫乡村议会主席位给民进党,当时黄顺舸本身还是基本设施发展部长!一直到今天,这个主席位还是没有归回给人联党。这个也是黄顺舸无法推卸的过失! (3)过去,黄部长领导诗巫人联党,少有安宁之日,成天吵吵闹闹,最后更是导致党争和分裂。今天黄顺舸离开人联党,自立门户成立新党。作业模式和过去一样,砂拉越主权和人民课题一概不谈,成天只热衷于争权夺利! 最近更令人感到诡异的是,砂全民团结党日前的文告甚至声称诗巫市议会新主席不是华裔!难道黄顺舸也有权决定人选不成?人联党柏拉旺支部想挑战砂全民团结党站出来向广大诗巫人民讲出这位诗巫市议会非华裔新主席人选到底是谁!以表示该党还有敢说就敢承担的政治尊严!

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