Lo Khere Chiang encourages waste to be separated


Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) is encouraging households under its jurisdiction to start separating their waste from the point of generation as an effort to minimise waste and creating a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. To make recycling at home more convenient, the Council, jointly with Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd., recently introduced a six-month pilot project on the kerbside recycling collection at Jalan Semaba in December last year.

“We would like to urge the residents to take advantage of this service because as a community, we definitely can do more to reduce waste and improve the household recycling rate in our city,” said MPP Chairman, YB Cr. Lo Khere Chiang. “The service is not only convenient but it also helps to minimise waste pollution in the neighbourhood.

“As we all know, littering and indiscriminate dumping are becoming serious issues in certain parts of the city. One of the ways we can prevent this is by taking advantage of the available waste disposal and recycling services provided by the Council and Trienekens,” added YB Cr. Lo. “The kerbside recycling collection services enable house owners to manage their waste responsibly and have them collected right at their doorstep based on fixed schedule.”

Trienekens’ Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Stephen Chin (詹运杰) also added that since its launching, about 10% of the households in Jalan Semaba participated in the pilot project.

“This is very encouraging and we hope more residents will participate in this project as several more collections are already scheduled in the coming months. In total, the project has managed to collect about 1,300 kg of recyclables.” explained Chin.

Currently, the kerbside recycling collection is carried out two times a month and included the collection of household e-waste, aluminium, plastic, steel, paper and cardboard. Normal household waste disposed of in green bins is still collected twice-weekly, according to the housing estate’s regular schedule.

Under the project, residents are requested to separate their household waste and pack their recyclables in used plastic bags or boxes, marked with the stickers to indicate that the contents are for collection. The packed recyclables are then to be left outside the residents’ houses ready for collection.

YB Cr. Lo thanked the Jalan Semaba Community Association (五哩八港路联谊会) for their support and cooperation in the project and added that the project will provide a good opportunity to gauge the community’s environmental awareness level and responsiveness towards the service.

For more information about the project, the residents from Jalan Semaba are advised to call Trienekens’ Hotline at 082-612300.

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