Sarikei SUPP Youth Chief, Tang reminds DAP to solve people’s livelihood


Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Bintangor branch Youth chief Tang Kieh Ming reminded Democratic Action Party (DAP) that in order to solve the people’s livelihood problems, it is necessary to do it through practical actions and capabilities, instead of verbally communicating all the time. ”Being a ruling party, DAP should have the ability to obtain funding from the federal government in solving the problem of water supply in Meradong area. It’s rather puzzling why DAP does not put it in action? Why they rather choose to put pressure through media?”

Tang, who is also SUPP Youth Central deputy chairman, refuted the arguments made by Ting Yii Hiep, the chairman of DAP Bintangor branch recently.

In response to Ting’s remark stating that Cempedak water filtration station in Bintangor has rarely been improved, he pointed out that indeed during the former BN’s administration, the federal government had at least allocated some funds to improve the people’s livelihood in the division of Sarikei, which included water supply system in Meradong District. This can be affirmed by the statement made by Sarikei MP Andrew Wong Ling Biu from DAP in 2016. He said that Federal Ministry of Rural and Regional Development at the time had a project costing RM102.5 million in the constituency of Sarikei which included upgrading the water source equipment and installing new water pipes.

Responding to Ting’s “soft whisper” argument, Tang said: “Since the tax collected by federal government also includes the amount paid by people in Meradong District, it is the responsibility of the federal government to improve local facilities to solve the people’s livelihood issues. Why should we demand what’s rightful to us in “soft whisper”? I am puzzled, is it because currently DAP is under the management of West Malaysia, so Sarawakians should whisper softly whenever they are seeking funding for the people’s livelihood? Is this an act that decline the status of Sarawak?” In regard to Ting’s remark in his statement saying that DAP involved in communicating with Rural Water Supply Department every day, he goes on in questioning: Is there any achievement from the communicating? While confronting the issue of people’s livelihood, if we merely do verbal communicating, but without any actions, then how can we really solve the problem? Since DAP is the ruling party at federal level, and the incumbent member of Parliament is also from DAP, when the communicating brought no results, did DAP seek solutions or funds from the Federal Ministry of Rural Development through their MP? Did DAP really make any effort in ensuring federal government performing the right function and paying back Meradong people with the livelihood facilities that they deserve? ”Therefore, I would like to address a question to DAP Bintangor branch: After Pakatan Harapan (PH) formed the federal government, has there been any funding for the water supply system in Meradong? Please get the relevant figures from the MP of Sarikei, as all of us in Meradong district is rightful to know the truth.”

While disappointed with the way of DAP that did not adopt a practical plan to solve the problem of water supply, but relied solely on the media to exert pressure instead, he questions that does this mean DAP has no say in the federal PH government when come to funding for peoples’ livelihood? or it reflects the mind of PH leaders that the Meradong people who suffered water shortage is only of minority and is insignificant? Or else it’s due to the belief of leaders in DAP Bintangor branch that DAP, though as the ruling party, is not obliged to solve the issue of people’s livelihood? Do they think that it’s all up to expectation of the voters who supported them by merely doing talking shows in the media? Regarding DAP’s allegation stating that “YB Ding Kwong Hiing retaliated against the people”, Tang emphasizes that as local-based political party from Sarawak, Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) and SUPP have never retaliated against the people on various issues, nor have they blamed the people, and the previous remarks from YB Ding were solely directed at DAP Bintangor. Therefore, it’s no point for DAP to divert the focus, in what seems like an escape, and take the people as a shield instead.

Finally, Tang advises DAP Bintangor not to evade responsibility in the Meradong water supply issue, or even deliberately magnify the issue and make usage of the people’s dissatisfaction in an attempt to shift all their responsibilities to GPS, so that DAP can stay out of it.