Press Release by Datuk Sebastian Ting Chiew Yew.Secretary General of Sarawak United Peoples ‘ Party. State Assemblyman of N73 Piasau.


1.     SUPP is in agreement with and supports the call by PRS Secretary-General Dato’ Janang Bungsu to take away all government appointments to PSB (previously known as UPP) such as the ministerial appointment, political secretary appointment to the Chief Minister, councillorship, local council chairmanship as well as cutting off their RTP and MRP funding immediately.

2.    SUPP has been right all this while, that UPP (now PSB) has never been friendly to SUPP and yesterday political news of showed very clearly that they are now also not friendly to PRS, another component party of GPS.

3.   On the 4th January 2019, SUPP released a press statement with the headline UPP not SUPP friendly as yet, says Ting. There I said If UPP was not friendly to SUPP, it was therefore illogical to say that they were friendly to GPS. SUPP is part of GPS.

4.    Today SUPP would like to reiterate that UPP (now PSB) has never been friendly to BN then and now GPS. UPP (PSB) then was only friendly to PBB, even though they said they were friendly to BN and now GPS. Their yesterday press statement was even worse as they only pledged loyalty to one person only, namely the Chief Minister of Sarawak. The name PBB was not even mentioned at all.

5.    Now it is as clear as the water in Mulu cave, that they are not GPS friendly. Any attack or unfriendly action against fellow component GPS Parties must be seen and be taken as an attack against GPS as a whole. At least they (PSB) are now slightly honest to say they are loyal to our Sarawak Chief Minister only and did not continue to say they are GPS friendly.  It is laughable if one day in the near future they announce and tell the whole world that they are GPS friendly again.

6.  Since that is the case, many people on the ground throughout Sarawak are asking.. . Can or should anyone of them (PSB member) continue to be Cabinet Minister and or Assistant Minister of GPS government? This is because the present Sarawak Government is GPS government and they have acted adversely against two of the GPS Component Parties, namely PRS and SUPP.

7.    Morally they should know what to do but given the present political expediency, they are unlikely to tender their resignations..

8.    Of course we all know that the appointment or retention of Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers is the sole and absolute prerogative of our Chief Minister.  It is entirely up to our Chief Minister to consider whether it is better for or in the best interest of GPS to keep them as members in the present Cabinet.  The pros and cons  must be weighed and considered, very carefully.