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Price decrease in food not due to SST, says Tan Kai

Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, Tan Kai asked Deputy Minister for Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs Chong Chieng Jen to be logical and not to say that the implementation of SST has caused the prices of certain goods to go down.

Tan Kai said he has studied the prices of vegetables and GST and SST is only 4 percent “There are various reasons caused the increase or decrease of goods’ price, don’t simply lie to cover the inability of the Federal Government.

He said Chong’s claims that 70% of goods are dropping price followed the implementation of SST is so out of reasons.

“There could be other reason caused the drastic price drop of the vegetables, for example, it could be due to excessive production from China and India so for Chong to link the drastic drop in price of vegetables due to implementation of SST is ridiculous and he has become a laughing stock.If the deputy minister of domestic trade and consumer think that  implementation of SST is the right solution for the goods price to drop, then he should take a look at the price of seafood,” said Tan Kai.

He urged Chong to conduct a survey at the seafood market and he believed that the deputy minister will be surprised at the high price in sea foods especially fish and prawn.

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