Datuk Sebastian Ting: GPS is a family of SUPP, PRS, PDP and PBB


Sarawak United Peoples’ Party believes that the statement by PBB Vice President, YB Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah on United People’s Party (UPP) being a part of GBS is his own personal opinion.

This is because GPS has  not met since the receipt of approval of registration of GPS from Registrar of Society.

SUPP Secretary Datuk Sebastian Ting mentioned that GPS will be launched soon and the four Component Parties are PBB, SUPP,  PRS and PDP and they are the founding members of the GPS.

With the formation of GPS and the launch thereof , we should be talking and focusing on unity and moving forward as one to face the challenges of the Sarawak election in the very  near future. “Thus, mutual respect and togetherness in GPS is of paramount importance. We should not send unnecessary signals to the benefits of our  political opponents  ” he said.

The day, UPP was formed,  they(UPP) were not friendly to SUPP at all Our members  and us are of the opinion that UPP is certainly friendly to PBB and maybe or the possibility of being friendly  to other political Parties as well. . That is their right.

Our grassroots  and leaders throughout Sarawak,  especially in the central zone do not feel that they have been friendly.

“If UPP is not friendly to SUPP, it is therefore illogical to say that they( UPP) are friendly to GPS. SUPP is part of GPS” he reasoned.

At this stage we should,  irrespective of which Party we belong to, all fight for the rights of Sarawak under MA63, our Oil and Gas Resources and of course
the best interest of all Sarawakians and improve their living standard.