New Year Message from YB Dr. Sim Kui Hian, Minister for Local Government and Housing cum President of Sarawak United Peoples’ Party


The  year 2018 had seen  many events and changes, including  the trade war between  the USA and the People’s Republic  of China, and disastrous events occurred in many countries, while in Malaysia, the government in power was transferred peacefully. 2019 is an important year to Sarawak. The government would continue to strive for the aims of Sarawak first while giving priority to  the interests of the people. It would implement projects beneficial to the people as well as looking after their welfare. The aims of the Sarawak Government  are to regain her autonomy including the autonomy over education and medical services.

The Sarawak State Assembly had approved the levying of 5 percent sales tax over the export of petroleum products. The  measure would no doubt draw additional revenue. The Sarawak Government had decided to share the revenue from the 5 percent tax for the implementation of projects beneficial to the  welfare of  the people. From 2019 onwards, every new born baby in  Sarawak would be entitled to RM1000. This is the beginning. The people can expect to enjoy more welfare benefits in the future.

Sarawak should enjoy economic autonomy. The PH Federal Government  is called to pay back to Sarawak the 50 percent tax collected from Sarawak, as well as the 20 percent oil royalty promised as soon as possible.

The Sarawak Government pay great attention to the implementation of the MA63 which gives autonomy to Sarawak. We are  anxious to regain the autonomy given to Sarawak under the MA63, especially those that had been eroded over the  years.

We feel happy that the Sarawak Government keep an unshakable stand over the privileges of autonomy. The Government never compromise over any policy or laws detrimental to its autonomy rights. We expect breakthrough and new achievements over the issue during 2019.

The harmony  prevailing between the varied  races in Sarawak is the greatest and privileged heritage of Sarawak. We will never allow any
quarters to destroy it. Sarawak has established the Unit For Other Religions (UNIFOR) and has allocated RM20 million in 2018  for the development of activities of all religions. The allocation would be increased to RM30 million  this  year. We hope the allocation can  be increased to RM50 million in the future. The funding for various religions in Sarawak cannot be found in other parts of Malaysia.

We feel worry over the actions and speeches expressed by those extremists in Malaya. We ought to take precautions to prevent their encroachment in Sarawak.

We call on all Sarawakians,  to stand solidly behind the Sarawak Government for the sake of building a better developed and  a strong Sarawak.


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