Working visit in schools for Datuk Sebastian Ting

SM Sains (1)

State Assemblyman for Piasau, Datuk Sebastian Ting went on a round of school visits to see how work progress on several projects in the school.

Expressing his delight, he said most of the projects under the Rural Transformation Programe (RTP) are on time and said the school will benefit from what has been done.

In the first school he went to SM Sains with JKR officer representative and the contractor to see the construction of a stage and netting for the hostel to prevent mosquitoes.

In the next school at SMK Luak, works on putting tiles on the stage, replacement of eight new doors and installation of awning were done. The project started on November 1st and total cost is RM53,000.

Ting said he was pleased that the projects at SMK Luak were all completed.

SM Sains (1) SM Sains (2) SMK Luak (1) SMK Luak (2)

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