Dr Sim: A sad day

Dr sim at the site

Local Minister and Housing, Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian expressed his deepest condolence and prayers to all the victims in the City One blast yesterday afternoon.

Dr. Sim who went to see for himself the situation last night called for calm and asked everyone not to speculate but waited for the findings from the relevant authorites. He thanked all the uniformed bodies and medical staff who were fast to act to bring the injured to the Sarawak general hospital.

He also wished the victims warded to have a speedy recovery.

So far, the victims involved are now 41, a Fire and Rescue Department spokesman disclosed. Three died and 10 were seriously injured while the rest were ward and given outpatient treatment.

The explosion occurred at a bout 3.30 pm at City One ground floor at a new food outlet which was being renovated.

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Dr sim at the site

Dr sim at the site

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