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Elson Tie – federal government should not intervene in Sarawak issue

SUPP Bawang Assan Youth Chief Elson Tie criticized the federal government for using administrative power to intervene in Sarawak’s matter. He describes it was an inappropriate act of the newly formed government. 
Elson, in a press statement, express his criticism towards the PH government for putting aside the issue of formation of cabinet unsolved, but was desperate to suppress the Sarawakian people and political parties with their  administrative power.  He said that Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) under the influence of federal government attempted to use 1MDB issue to tag SUPP as a problematic political party. This has caused strong dissatisfaction among the grass-root level of  party members, and seriously challenged the endurance of the people of Sarawak. 
Elson, who is also SUPP Youth Central organizing secretary, said that SUPP, as a Sarawak based political party, does not involve in the decision-making and execution of 1MDB. He can’t see the reason why MACC act in haste other than trying to insult the image of the party.
He reiterated that matter related to Sarawak should be handled by Sarawakians,  without the irresponsible remarks made by Malayan parties. “We in Sarawak is absolutely capable to handle and solve our internal matter, thus any intervention from outsiders are not welcomed.”
On the other hand, Elson called on Sarawak PH chairman YB Chong Chieng Jen for not betraying the Sarawakians by exchanging the interests of Sarawak with his own official position. “We, as fully Sarawak based political parties are at a mature stage. The people of Sarawak know how to manage Sarawak. We will definitely not agree with YB Chong’s proposal to let Malayan party to enter Sarawak.”

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