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Youth Central Executive Committee Meeting

The SUPP 14th Central Youth’s 3rd Central Executive Committee Meeting was held at the party’s headquarters this afternoon (19th April.)

During the meeting, the Youth extended their sympathy to the late DAP chairman Karpal Singh’s family, on his recent demise.

SUPP Central Youth conveyed their members’ deepest sympathies to his family and wish them all the best and to be strong at this difficult moment.

The late Karpal Singh, said Youth Chairman, Tan Kai, was a man of principle and he stood firm on his stands, particularly on the Hudud issue. Even though our political grounds are different, SUPP Central Youth salutes late Karpal Singh for his courage in politics nonetheless.

Various issues were raised and discussed during the meeting and committee members all agreed that while Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, religious rights and freedom of non-Malay citizens, including the Chinese, Indian and non-Muslim Bumiputra are safeguarded by our Federal Constitution, where they are assured of their rights to practice their religious belief freely.

However, the committee must reiterate that implementation of Hudud law can lead to potential conflict of interests (when a Muslim and non-Muslim are not tried under secular laws) and can create confusions in the nation’s legal system. SUPP Central Youth is duty-bound to defend the religious rights and freedom of Sarawak people, as religious harmony and freedom are something we have been able to enjoy for the past many years.

PAS’s ultimate goal is to establish a full Islamic nation governed by Hudud law. Being the more dominant party within Pakatan Rakyat has given the party much needed political power/influence to carry out its political agendas. Therefore, we wish to reaffirm that in view of Malaysia’s multi-racial and multi-religious social structure, SUPP Central Youth’s stand against PAS’s implementation of Hudud law in Malaysia remains unshaken and unchanged.

On top of that, SUPP Central Youth is proposing to Sarawak DAP that since their leaders are so preoccupied in gathering a hundred thousand signatures from the general public to fight for electricity tariff reduction, they should also ask the general public to sign to stand against the implementation of Hudud laws.

While discussing on another topic, it was reported that SUPP Education Bureau under Central Youth had organised a series of Higher Education Seminars throughout the major cities and towns in the state; Kuching, Sibu, Miri, Bintulu, Sarikei, Limbang and Lawas. The seminars held in these places had also successfully attracted nearly two thousand participants.

Meanwhile, Higher Education Counselling services were also conducted in Kuching, Bintulu, Sibu and Miri where around five hundred STPM and SPM students had benefited from the counselling services provided. Both Higher Education Seminars and Counselling sessions were held and conducted in March 2014.

SUPP Central Youth hopes to actively engage with more students via different types of activities to assist them in getting into institutions of higher learning they desired successfully.

SUPP Central Youth is urging students who have benefited from the counselling services and seminars in the past to join and assist the Education Bureau in facilitating future counselling and seminars so more students can also get into institutions of higher learning of their choice.



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