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Kho Teck Wan urged politicians not to create fake news

Do not create fake news, said SUPP Woman Chief, Kho Teck Wan. 

Kho said many quarters are quick to take the opportunity to turn the story around us and turn it into an issue to incite hate in our society. These stories are created by people with propaganda. These story tellers are willing to sacrify harmony and unity for their political gains 

She cited an example where Dr. Lam Shu Jie who discovered a way to cure superbug infection in Australia was a proud Malaysian story. She is a role model to all girls who wish to pursue a career in sciences. Yet some people created the fake news that she failed to get the JPA scholarship in Malaysia and turned her success story into a racial discrimination story. Her family had to clarify that she never applied for JPA scholarship to begin with.

“Not only GPS but the opposition political parties and NGOs stepped up to provide food aids during the Movement Control Order. These shows our society are generous and can work for the common goals during pandemic. Yet the GPS government’s food aids photos were used to turned into many corrupt and discrimination stories by some quarters. And lately, the video where YB Datuk Sri Tiong King Sing confronting a lady to resolve local flood issue was cropped, and turned into racial and sexual discrimination stories.These little stories created by ill-intended people aimed at planting hate in our society for their own propaganda and political gains. However, inciting hate is a selfish act that will cause catastrophic consequences in the long run. Chaos creates political instability, hurts our economy and sacrifices human life. And the saddest part of all these is that those stories created were all fake. I urge Sarawakians to investigate any story that incite hate whenever they hear one. And we should condemn those who spread hate in our society, ” she said. 

Kho added that unity among our diverse communities is Sarawak’s biggest asset. We are all peace makers in our society, don’t let those ill-intention story tellers ruin Sarawak’s peace and harmony.

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