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Wilfred Yap helps residents of jalan Tai shin Jar on drain issue

Residents of Jalan Tai Shin Jar complained about earth drains and some sections of the existing concrete drains which are in a dilapidated state. 

The affected residents have requested SUPP Public Complaints Bureauchief, Wilfred Yap to appeal to the Government to upgrade all the existing earth drains to concrete drains and for the repair and maintenance of the existing dilapidated drains.

Yap said the residents at Jalan Hua Joo Park have also requested SUPP Public Complaints Bureau to inform the relevant authorities that certain sections of the monsoon drain are overgrown with weeds and inundated with earth. The overgrown weeds and excess earth in the drains will inevitably affect water flow and thereby potentially cause flash flooding during heavy rain.

He has written to both Kuching South City Council and Drainage & Irrigation Department to look into the predicament of the affected residents to upgrade the earth drains at Jalan Tai Shin Jar to concrete drains and clearing and upgrading of the monsoon drains at Jalan Hua Joo Park to prevent potential flash flooding after heavy rain.

He also appeal to the Federal and State Government to assist the residents of Jalan Tai Shin Jar and Jalan Hua Joo Park, both of which are located within Kota Sentosa Constituency by allocating development funds to upgrade the drains and resolve the problems of the poor drainage situation.

 On another unrelated matter, Yap  appealed to the Federal Government to consider extending the six month moratorium on bank loans repayments until 31st December 2020. 

This, he said was because they have been receiving feedback from the general public that a substantial number of people will need time to pick themselves up after suffering loss and/or reduction of income due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A longer moratorium, he said would give affected and unfortunate members of the public the breathing space to get back on their feet and ease the peoples’ financial burden in the recovery phase resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

SUPP PCB Chief cum Kota Sentosa Branch Chairman, Wilfred Yap together with SUPP members meeting residents at Jalan Tai Shin Jar and Jalan Hua Joo Park. 

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