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Disinfecting Padawan area

MPP disinfects its office, Council’s facilities and public places:

MPP has carried out thorough cleaning and disinfecting work at its office building at Kota Padawan and other MPP’s facilities including our dry and wet markets and public toilets as a precautionary measure against the infectious Coronavirus disease (Covid-19). 

The cleaning and disinfecting operation is being carried out by the staff from the Council’s Public Health and Municipal Services Division.

In addition, the Council has also initiated disinfecting works on its towns, starting with Kota Padawan.  The disinfection covers entrances to the shophouses, five-footways, corridors, bus stops, pavement railings, other facilities and surfaces where the public usually touch with their hands.

The Chairman of MPP, YB Ir. Lo Khere Chiang wishes to commend the Council’s staff for their exemplary and untiring efforts during this trying time and call upon all the relevant authorities to assist in disinfecting all public areas. The public can play their role by staying at home, maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and practice social distancing when out doing their marketing.

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