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SUPP youth secretary Milton Foo calls to federal govt help SMI 

SUPP Youth secretary, Milton Foo slammed the federal government for not transfering the said RM600 directly to the employer’s bank account based on the EPF or SOCSO database of employees that was already in the system or records of the authority. By doing this, employers of small, medium and micro enterprises do not need to make application to the government in order to be benefited under this government subsidy program for employers during this difficult time. 

He was response to the recent announcement by the Prime Minister Tan Sri Muyuddin that the federal government has launched a “wages subsidy plan” of up to RM5.9 billion, under which the government will subsidise SME employers in the sum of RM600 for each employee for a period of 3 months; with the prerequisite for employees who earn less than RM4000 a month and employers who have dropped income by 50% since January 1, this year.

Foo said, the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in Malaysia in March, and the MCO was implemented on 17/3. The dilemma faced by most companies is whether it can survive and keep its business sustainability for the following months in view of the huge impact suffered, without resorting to retrenchment or even business close down. 

He urged the federal government to show its utmost sincerity by assisting all the small and medium-sized enterprises including the retail & service industries, to employ the mechanism of direct remittance of the RM600 subsidy to employers or companies of SME & micro enterprises across the country to assist them to get through this real difficult time. 

Bearing in mind, employers are not only obligated to pay full salaries to their employees without business operation or income during MCO period, but also to pay their staffs’ EPF and SOCSO contributions in time, shop/office rents, utilities bills, outstanding invoices owing to third party and any other operating expenses in order to keep the on going business of the company. 

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