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Over 300 applicants throne SUPP Kuching branch counter

A large crowd went to three SUPP Kuching Branch is opening up mobile service counter at various places to provide assistance to those who are eligible to apply for the Kenyalang Gold Card at Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre, Juat Siang Cafe, Carpenter Street and starting from 8 am to noon today.

Those services include the filling up of application forms and submission of forms to the Sarawak Welfare. Department where over 300 forms were collected. 

Twenty five Kuching Branch’s committee members, community leaders and councillors volunteer to assist members of the public to apply for the cards. We are trying help as many people as possible and make sure those who are eligible can enjoy the benefits under this beneficial scheme established by the Sarawak Government.

The mobile service provided by SUPP Kuching Branch in relation to Kenyalang Gold Card application is an ongoing exercise, we will continue going to different places to open up service counter after Chinese New Year.

The huge crowd

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