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GPS government assisting rural folks through Rural Transformation projects in Piasau, says Datuk Sebastian Ting

Datuk Sebastian Ting, Assistant Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture revealed that since 2016 under his Rural Transformation Projects (RTP) a total of RM  678,100 was spend to help the Kampung to repair 3 phases of wooden plank walk. 

In his visit to the kampong yesterday, Ting who is also Piasau State Assemblyman said the amount spent in 2016 Phase 1 was RM 200,000, 2017 Phase 2 RM 212,000 and last year, 2018 Phase 3, a total amount of RM 226,100 was used.

All these projects done were after consideration and feedback from the people which was to benefit them and upgrade their lives with better infrastructure.

Under RMK-12, Ting said there is a proposal to upgrade Kampung Wireless and turn into a Rainbow village. This has been submitted to District office. The District office had compile all the proposal and  submitted to Kuching headquarters for consideration.

KK Rushdi proposed to Ting to have a Community hall in Kpg Wireless. Ting assured that they will seek help and discuss with the local authorities to identify a suitable area.

He also congratulated the new appointment of the new Ketua Kaum En.  Rushdi Bin Abdul Rani and set a minute of silent to the formal KK Juih Bin Keriyou @ Mohamad Jaafar Bin Abdullah.

Ting with all the Councillor, Ketua Masyarakat and JKKK Kpg Wireless.

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