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Datuk Sebastian Ting Chiew Yew on MOE resignation

When Minister of Education Dr Maszlee Malik announced that he would resign as Minister of Education effective 3rd January 2020. He said it was upon advice by Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

SUPP firmly believes that the pressure, strong voices of disappointment and dissatisfaction and from all races on his poor or below par performances as Minister of Education during the past 20 months must have been so loud and intense that the Prime Minister, perhaps with the advice from Tun Daim, was left with no choice but to advise or instruct him to resign as the Minister of Education.

It is interesting to note that his resignation was immediate.

Feedbacks from the ground appear to confirm that most parents are relieved when they heard of the announcement by Dr. Maszlee of his immediate resignation as Minister of Education.  

Indeed, the parents were so concerned for their children at schools because for the past 20 months, many of the policies introduced by the Education Minister were either below par or superfluous and in nowhere towards improving our education standard for our young children in schools, starting with his first policy decision on black shoes for the school children and ending with his introduction or implementation of Jawi to Chinese Primary Schools.

SUPP shares the thoughts of many people that Dr Maszlee should have been advised to resign much earlier as he had proven himself to be incapable of holding any ministerial post, let alone the important Ministry of Education which touches on the future of our young children.

His Ministerial appointment was a gross mistake.

Many people said that he should not have been appointed in the first place.

For completeness, people are posing queries as to what would now happen to Deputy Minister of Education YB Teo Nie Ching on whether she would offer to resign, as she had defended all the policies of her Minister, Dr Maszlee or she too would be advised to resign.  The principle of collectively responsibility and shared responsibility may be relevant here. 

SUPP believes that a good Education Minister is one who should cut across races and religions to bring forward a system for the benefit of all our children.  The education system must be able to give the best and prepare them well as they are our future and our leaders of tomorrow.  Teach our children what are useful to them in this ever fast moving world. 

Indeed we hope that the next Education Minister will be one with common sense and capability and not to drag education system into politics. He must be able to partake a holistic approach and policies that will benefit all. The system that is now broken must be repaired, quickly and effectively, with new hope and new expectation.  

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