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After the police arrested seven people including two from Democratic Action Party members suspected of involving the Tamil Tigers terrorist organization, Sarawak People’s United (SUPP) hope the police can also investigate the entire internal organization of the DAP to ensure that no other person is involved in this serious threat to the country and the people.

SUPP supports the police’s efforts to tackle terrorism and combat terrorists in safeguarding national security and ensure that the country and the people are always in a peaceful environment.

We are shocked by the fact that two DAP members are suspected of involvement in such terrorism activity, we hope the police will investigate as soon as possible and bring the suspects to justice and the peace of the country.

In this regard, we also agree that the Ministry of the Home Affairs should temporarily frost the operation of the DAP and freeze the party’s bank account, so that the law enforcement authorities can conduct a thorough investigation.

We are surprised that the secretary-general of the DAP Lim Guan Eng, defended the two state assemblymen who were arrested and declared they were innocent.

As a national leader, Lim Guan Eng should be aware of the threats posed by any terrorist activities to the country and the people. The police have stated after they have obtained solid evidence and request the highest level of the relevant units to take the arrest action. The police should be convinced of the anti- terrorism efforts and professionalism, not because the suspects are members of the DAP.

As for whether there are other DAP members involved in similar activities, it is not the final say by Lim

Guan Eng, “There will be no more DAP leaders and member of parliament could be the arrest targets.” We should hand it over to the police for investigation. This is the reason why the Ministry of the Home Affairs should temporarily suspend the Party’s operation to facilitate the police investigation to avoid any unnecessary interference.

In addition, we also hope that the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission can look into or open files to investigate against DAP for allegedly receiving RM1.2 billion fun from Israel.

In 2016, the DAP was accused of receiving an offer of RM1.2 billion in exchange for the construction of an Israeli navy base in Port Dickson. The Party leader, Lim Kit Siang refuted the report and declared that legal action would be taken, but so far there is no more further progress yet.

In February of this year, the PAS Youth lodged the police report against DAP on this issue and request police to investigate.

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