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Assistant Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Datuk Sebastian Ting said Bau has  many wonderful and beautiful historical tourist spots can be a popular and famous site for tourism. 

Visiting Bau recently with SUPP Bau Branch Sdr Chong, Pemanca Bong, Penghulu Chin, 4 councillors, Ting said with some improvements and more promotion and marketing, Bau can be a world tourist venue.

The various amazing and beautiful tourist sites or potential tourist sites ehich included the caves,  clear water in and outside the caves, the lakes, the Rock Garden and many more, said Ting.

Ting said they also visited a few Chinese temples of over 150 years history.

“I think Bau must be holding the record of having the biggest number of temples of over 100 years old. We were fortunate and honoured to be joined by Tuan District Officer Miss Anielia Siam, UKAS officer Mdm Kwan, historian writer Mr Lee, Mr Chang Jong Yiaw, Dr Loh Yu Yee, Deputy President of Hakka Cultural Asso Malaysia, and Mdm Sandra Wong , Program Manager/ Lecturer of SOW Nature Education Kuching, “he added.

Ting said Mr. Lee, Mr Chang and others briefed them the story of legendary Liu San Pang from Lupeng Quangzong province China who arrived Bau from Sambas Indonesia in 1830.

He and 11 others set up the 12 persons company in Bau and began the gold mining activities in Bau.

He is optimistic that with the excellent focus of the local community leaders and the people of Bau working hand in hand with the Ministry of Tourism , Arts and Culture, we hope and firmly believe more tourists will visit Bau.

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Datuk Sebastian Ting visiting Bau.

Datuk Sebastian Ting visiting Bau.

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