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SUPP concern about haze

As Sarawak faces severe haze, the relevant federal departments, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affair and the Minister of Environment, had been very quiet and not providing adequate information and details to the general public.

In view of this, Tan Kai, the political secretary to Chief Minister of Sarawak had lead a team of SUPP members to visit the Indonesian Consulate in Kuching today to inquire about Indonesia’s efforts in controlling the fire and haze that had effected Sarawak especially Kuching and Sri Aman areas.

Tan Kai, SUPP Central Women Section Chairman Cr. Kho Teck Wan, and SUPP Batu Lintang Youth Chief Cr Mok Chuang Ping met the Vice Consul of Indonesia Consulate Ms. Ringgi Perdini and Indonesian National Police Liaison Officer Joni Getamala.

According to Ms. Perdini, the Indonesian government started the national fire fighting mechanism last month. The Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs had also met with the Malaysia Consolate at the Malaysia embassy in Jakarta yesterday to update on the situation of Indonesia’s haze as well as the fire fighting efforts.

According to Ms. Perdini, Indonesia has dispatched more than 10,000 personnels consisted of corporate employees, firefighters, volunteers, armies to fight against the fires. Indonesia government also dispatched 18 helicopters to dump water bombs in areas effected by forest fires in Kalimantan.

Based on their reports, West Kalimantan was hit hardest by fire. 8 helicopters are dispatched to put off fire at the West Kalimantan.

19 plantation companies suspected to cause the fire incidents had be investigated by the Indonesia government.

Ms. Perdini explained that the Indonesian government takes the fire and haze incidents seriously, and monitors the haze hotspots through satellite images. Through satellite, they also find hotspots along the Sarawak and Western Kalimantan border.

Ms. Perdini is pleased with the visit, as she is able to explain in details of Indonesia’s efforts. She believes such visit is the most effective way of communication between the two countries.

Visit to Indonesian consulate.

Visit to Indonesian consulate.

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