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Sim Kiang Chiok upset with Chong Chieng Jen

Sim Kiang Chiok Chairman of the Sarawak People’s United Party’s Stakan Branch said it has being a few months that Deputy Minister, Chong Chieng Jen has  not announced the AP name  list of the sugar importer as yet, and there must be something seriously inappropriate that is holding back the publication of the names.

He said even with just the 7 name list of the importers, YB Chong donot even dare to announce their names. Where is their clean and transparent Govt that Dap is committed to.

He said Chong recently spoke to the relevant industry  players in Sabah and he also mentioned about issuing of AP for import of sugar. I believe it will eventually the same as in Sarawak where he would announced the numbers of AP issued and their names of the importer will be withheld.

Stating that SUPP is not against the liberalisation of the import of sugar with issuance of more licences to reduce the cost of the producers, Sim said he would like to know where are the benefits to the raykat as:

We need to be satisfied that the all the new importers of sugar are transferring the saving from the cheaper cost of sugar  to their end-product so that we the public will enjoy the lower price to help us to lower our cost living, or are these companies making higher profit without reducing their prices with lower cost of sugar,

Why can’t sugar import  be free from any licence so that all Malaysian will enjoy lower cost to help them with cost of living.?,

how is the Ministry  going to satisfy the public that these sugar importers are not going to import to sell to the public for quick profit rather than for their own production use.

We feel that YB Chong should answer these questions as soon possible so that he would create a negative perception of the running of the federal govt by them that is supposed to clean, transparent and accountable, ” he said.

Sim Kiang Chiok

Sim Kiang Chiok

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