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Tel-co tower at Jalan Jambu not necessary, says Tan Kai

Work at Telco tower at Jalan Jambu, Sg. Maong is ongoing despite a protest at its site last week.

Political secretary to the CM, Tan Kai said  the residents seeking help from local leaders, Gian Ann Kee and Mok Chuan Ping,who contacted Tan Kai for assistance.

After discussing with  local residents, they are in view of existing 3 towers within 1km radius, there is no necessary to have another Teo-co tower, further-more the existing signal strength is very strong, said Tan Kai.

He said the most they should do is to  improve the 3 existing tower instead of to adding another pole. He said he will ask for work to be stopped temporaily and consult the Chief Minister on it.

Tan Kai with the community leader.

Tan Kai with the community leader.

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