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More dialogues with youth needed

SUPP Piasau Youth publicity secretary Chia Kah Furng said the government needs to hold more dialogue sessions with youth groups in the country to explain to them the implications of lowering the age limit.

Chia, commenting on the government intention of lowering age limit of voting said policies of the government should not be implemented immediately without proper engagement between the people especially one as important as this.

He said it will be good if the younger generation has a better understanding of what the amendment would mean to them and how they could implicate in the voting trend.

As most of the youths concentrate on their studies and are starting out in their career, he hoped that with more dialogues held all over the country, the youths would know what they are getting into and if they are ready for it.

Chia Kah Furng

Chia Kah Furng

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