SUPP education seminar for school leavers

The organising team

In line with the releasing of STPM results on 11 March and SPM results on 14 March, the Education Bureau of SUPP Youth Central will organize ‘Higher Education Seminar and Counseling 2019’ across the five divisions of Sarawak, namely Kuching, Sibu, Miri, Sarikei and Bintulu. Series of activities will be held involving a group of hundreds of members who are passionate in helping the students from Sarawak.

The operating team of the Bureau, led by Lai Huat Choi and consists of three leaders from different regions, namely Isaac Lee (Southern), Joseph Chieng (Central) and Esther Wong (Northen) is aiming to assist the younger generation from Sarawak in greater depth. Since its debut in 2005, SUPP Youth Central Education Bureau has been playing an active role in assisting the SPM and STPM leavers.

As in previous years, this education counseling program is aimed to provide the Sarawakian students with the latest information of the national universities and higher institutions, and to assist students in their progression or entry into suchinstitutions. Among the programs include seminar lectures and personal tutoring, covering the areas such as prospect afterSPM, prospect after STPM, analysis on credit points, the scholarship and online application. In addition, SUPP Youth Central Education Bureau will also answer questions from students through Facebook.

Experienced speakers will give explanation and analysis on application procedures and precautions.

Officials from the National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) are invited to explain the procedures for applying PTPTN. At the same time, they will also set up a PTPTN counter to allow the students to register for SSPN account.

SUPP Youth Central Education Bureau also welcomes those post-graduates who have graduated from local universities to join their team in helping the younger brothers and sisters. shall contact Bureau Head Lai Huat Choi 012-8813839. The team assists the junior students voluntarily. In Kuching, the seminar will be held on this Saturday at 7 pm at Sa’ati Hall at SUPP headquarters, Sarikei at TBA at 1 pm on Sunday, Sibu on Saturday at 7 pm at SUPP headquarters,Miri on Saturday at Piasau branch  at 7 pm and Bintulu at 1 pm at SUPP branch.

The organising team

The organising team