SUPP Central Youth Chief Michael Tiang’s response to PM’s decision to ban the Israeli swimmers from entering Malaysia:

Malaysian Government has abused its role as a host country for the upcoming World Para Swimming Tournaments by stopping Israelis athletes through denying their entry into Malaysia, said Political Secretary to the CM, Michael Tiang.

Tiang slammed Tun Dr. Mohd Mahathir’s recent decision to ban entry of Israelis swimmers for participating in the 2019 World Para Swimming Tournaments organized by the Paralympic Council of Malaysia and Sarawak State Government.

He said the swimming tournament is a world sports event, not a political event. “Malaysia as a mere host to this sports event has no rights to impose political and diplomatic reasons to stop the Israelis athletes or any athletes from any countries from participating in this world sports event,” he said.

According to Dr. M’s statement that Malaysia has no diplomatic ties with Israel and therefore their athletes should not come to Malaysia for world sports event is absolutely absurd and without merit.

“By banning the Israelis athletes from entering Malaysia, the Malaysian government has tarnished the Olympic spirit which promotes friendship, solidarity and fair play, and therefore has rendered Malaysia unfit to be a part of any Olympic events. I urge the others in the Cabinet and Pakatan Harapan to come forward to challenge Tun M’s above irresponsible stand. This is definitely against our countrymen’s aspirations towards building a Malaysia Baru in this new era,” he added.

Since this event is co-organized together the Sarawak Government, Tiang urged Sarawak Government to exercise our immigration autonomy as provided in Annex E of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) to allow the Israeli athletes to fly directly into Sarawak to participate the event that would be held in Kuching in July 2019. Kuching is the host and Sarawak welcomes any athletes from around the world to participate in this para swimming tournaments.

Sarawak ban, he said made by the Federal Government was totally uncalled for. Since Kuching is the host of the event, Sarawak should show to the world that we uphold the Olympic spirit and the sportsmanship is beyond politics, and Kuching is a world renowned city of solidarity that welcomes anyone to come to this part of the world.

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