Lo ask Chong to check facts before talking

Lo khere chiang

Batu Kitang Assemblyman, Lo Khere Chiang asked  MP Stampin, Chong Chieng Jen not to make wild allegation about using his own money for grass cutting at protocol roads when he should be going to ask his boss, the Minister of Finance, YB Lim Guan Eng for the allocation for grass cutting.

Asking Chong who he was trying to fool, Lo said his party members have seek clarification from Sarawak JKR department to make enquiries and was told that the allocation from the Federal government was not in.

“Chong kept pestering me to step down as Padawan Municipal council Chairman. Why should I when I have served the people in MPP honestly unlike Chong who has been misleading the public. I believe Chong should step down as Deputy Minister for making misleading statement that JKR Sarawak has overspend the money. I ask if YB Chong has any interest at all for Sarawak and why he is siding Malaya to explain every issue that has cropped up when it was the Federal grant that was curtailed. It is time Chong stand with Sarawakians and demand that Sarawak’s resources and rights under MA63 be returned to Sarawak without any compromise as promised under their election manifesto,” he said.

MPP’s assessment rate, said Lo was annually collected is around RM22 million of which the council  has to pay salaries for 450 staff, grass cutting  in MPP areas, clear drains, sweep our roads and maintain our drains. He wondered why Sarawak ratepayer’s money should be used tocut grass for our federal highway. This has always been the responsibility of the federal government.

Lo added that 15billion which is net profit from petroleum is siphoned from Sarawak’s land and taken by Malaya every year and YB Chong has the cheek to ask Sarawakians to come up with more money to cut grass along our federal highway. Even with the RM 820mil provided by the Federal government in previous years, it is barely enough to provide adequate maintenance services for our Federal roads.

“I deplored Chong for misleading the public into thinking cutting grass for our federal highway is the responsibility of the council. YB Chong,  do not make wild allegations that make you look stupid. Get your facts right,” he said.

Lo khere chiang

Lo khere chiang

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