Tuesday, January 15th, 2019


Sebastian Ting site visit

Ting at site visit

Datuk Sebastian Ting, Piasau Assemblyman went to SK Pulau Melayu with Council engineers and community leaders for site visit on the drainage system  this morning. He said the drainage was done under Rural Transformation Project (RTP) 2018. “Previously, it was only a small channel underneath the soil. Now it is extended wider and can discharge water from both side.This will solved most of the flooding in the school. Now we are looking at the other side of the school from the residential area,” he said. According to Ting, some partsRead More



砂人联党卑尔骚区州议员拿督陈超耀律师今早前往美里Pulau Melayu国小巡视当地的排水通道提升工程。 他是在美里市政局工程师及社区领袖陪同下进行巡视,该工程是2018年乡区转型计划下落实。过去,该地底下的排水通道很小,经过提升后,它变得更宽,可以将水排出两侧通道。 陈超耀对工程表示满意,因它可解决学校经常面对的水灾问题。他希望学校周围住宅区的排水通道也可以获得提升。 他指出,一些居民申诉工程完成后,会出现积水问题。他已经指示美里市政局工程师关注此事,找出解决方案。