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More specialist hospitals

Sarawak is in need of more public specialist hospitals so that patients need not travel great distance to look for health care, said President of SUPP Senator Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian.

Dr. Sim said that the State already has the expertise but does not have many specialist hospitals yet. He said they have two medical oncologists based in the State, a doctor who specializes in treating people with cancer, but there is no proper facilities. In Miri and Sibu, he said the Health Ministry should consider having another state hospital as there are short of beds in Sarawak General hospital.

He added that Sarawak is still left behind in terms of healthcare compared to other states in Malaysia and he has brought up the matter many times in Parliament.

Dr. Sim also called to the Malaysian to take good care of their own health as Malaysia is rank the highest for having high blood pressure in South East Asia, same as cholesterol and diabetes.


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