Importance of English


SUPP President, Senator Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian agreed with the Johor Sultan who said Singapore system has proven to be successful and helped to unite all the races there.

Dr. Sim said the English language is important for Malaysia as this will improve our competitiveness among the global players. ” There are three main language in the world, English, Mandarin and Spanish. If we can master one of them, it would be to our benefit. English is an international language and if we want to compete with the world, we need to be fluent in a language that is understood internationally,” he said.

Saying that in Malaysia, it is also important to know our own Bahasa Malaysia, Dr. Sim said we should not forgo the English language as it is an useful language for Malaysian to master.

He said even the Minister of Education is appalled at the standard of English here. He said in the Sarawak State Legislative, English is still being used and it is something Sarawakian should be proud of.

Dr. Sim hoped that our teachers would be good enough to teach English in Malaysia to enable the standard to go up as those who graduate has difficulty to get a job due to their poor English.


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