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Michael Tiang on DAP’s Chong plan to amend Petroleum Development Act 1974

Youth Central Chairman Michael Tiang pointed out that Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen’s intention to table a motion in the Parliament to amend the Petroleum Development Act 1974 (PDA) is in fact tantamount to recognizing PDA and its legal standing in Sarawak.

In his statement in response to Chong’s calling for BN MPs to support his motion, Michael, who’s Political Secretary to Chief Minister of Sarawak, questioned that how long does it take for DAP to understand that Sarawak in fact already owned all the Petroleum resources both onshore and offshore, in the Continental Shelf within the boundaries as stipulated under the Sarawak (Alteration of Boundaries) by the Queen in Council in 1954. That was long before the Malaysia Day 1963. In 1958, our Council Negeri even passed the Oil Mining Ordinance to regulate the laws relating to oil mining in Sarawak and its Continental Shelf. Our rights in our lands and continental shelf are also clearly enshrined in the Federal Constitution Article 2.

Since 2011, with the annulment of the Proclamation of Emergency 1969, our Sarawak Government is now constitutionally entitled to exercise its original rights over onshore and offshore mining of oil and gas according to our Oil Mining Ordinance 1958. For a Sarawakian to table an amendment to the PDA in the Parliament is in fact throwing away our original rights under the 1958 Ordinance by recognising the PDA to supersede our own rights.

Added to the insults, how can one Sarawakian MP asking the other 25 MPs from Sarawak to join his such attempt to recognise PDA and to throw away our original rights? The right thing to do is for all Sarawak ADUNs to join force in the coming DUN sittings to amend our Oil Mining Ordinance 1958 to further safeguarding our rights in onshore and offshore mining of oil and gas.

We Sarawakians shall therefore give support to our Sarawak Government’s strategy to gradually take control of oil and gas rights so as not to disrupt the present system into dysfunction, notwithstanding our conviction that the PDA and the Territorial Seas Act 2012 are unconstitutional. Our Sarawak Government is putting in place our machinery such as Petros for active and productive participation. We urge all Sarawakians to be positive, not negative .


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