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SUPP Youth: Pakatan Hadapan’s manifesto is bogus

Sarawak United Peoples’ party (SUPP) Central Youth Chairman, Michael Tiang and Secretary of Youth Central, Milton Foo called the Pakatan Hadapan’s manifesto a bogus one.

In a press conference this afternoon, Tiang said the PH is just like a con man trying to cheat a woman’s love. He said the woman is genuine to want a relationship but the PH main purpose is just to flirt.

This is the same with PH whose manifesto sounds too good to be true and spoke on change of government. The people, he added, really want change, but they were cheated by the Opposition who is a copy cat in their manifesto which followed a number of BN policies.

Tiang pointed out that in the case of a PM, MB, CM which will be two term should PH take over as government, he said in the case of Penang and Selangor which were under PH, the Penang CM and Selangor MB should have told the people that they are ready to step down if they meant what they stated in their manifesto. Both, he added, had been there for 10 years already.

Dr. Mahathir, said Tiang, has ruled the country for over 20 years and if he was really honest about having two term rule, he should have introduced that long ago, so why wait until they form the government.

Thus, with the PH, it is all about talking only.

Foo cited another example on the United Examination certificate (UEC) which was advocated by the late Chief Minister Pehin Sri Adenan Satem. Adenan had allowed UEC holders to get state government jobs.

“Instead, in the PH manifesto, they had asked that one of the condition is to ensure a pass in BM which was already required by the State government. So, I can say this PH manifesto is stealing from BN’s ideas,” said Foo.

Both hit out at the Opposition for going against Chief Minister’s Datuk Patinggi Abang Zohari’s announcement on regulatory power over oil and gas which Chong lambasted as re-cycling issue.

Tiang said the CM has in his statement said the Petroleum Development Act 1974 and the Territorial Sea Act 2012 were null and void. Abang Jo has the interest of Sarawakians in his heart and the Opposition should not brush that aside. We are all for autonomy and should rejoice that with our chief minister, unlike the DAP who is catering to their Federal counter part, he added.


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