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Kho: Do not be distracted by Pakatan Harapan’s manifesto

In responding to Pakatan Harapan’s Manifestos, Sarawak United Peoples’ Party Central Women Section Chairman Kho Teck Wan said that Sarawakians want a real deal and not just any new deal.

She said that now is the time Sarawakians must stay focus on fighting for the Sarawak’s autonomy through the devolution of power, so Sarawakians can decide our own destiny.“Let’s not be distracted by Pakatan Harapan’s manifestos at this time. To Pakatan Harapan, it might just be about education or healthcare, or even just being popular for the election; but to Sarawakians, it is about the complete devolution of power and this is the only real deal for Sarawak.” said Kho.

She also mentioned that Pakatan Harapan lacks the vision and capability to fight for Sarawak. According to their manifesto, Pakatan Harapan only wants 20% royalty on the petroleum and gas for Sarawak, but to the rest of the Sarawakians, we fight for the full devolution of power on petroleum and gas. Kho further added that, DAP failed to gain any ground despite their constant gripe, but it is the government led by Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg that secured the full regulatory authority over the upstream and downstream aspects of the oil and gas industry.

Evidently, the devolution of power has already begun, and the setting up of Petros and Development Bank Of Sarawak (DBOS) shows that Sarawakians have the wisdom, capability and the will to take back what are rightfully ours. “What is ours is ours, and we cannot rely on Malayan based parties to fight for us. I call on Sarawakians to come together, stand behind the current leadership and fight for full autonomy as one Sarawakian.” Said Kho.

“As Sarawakian, we must not be satisfied with having partial rights only. It would be naive to hope that Pakatan Harapan component parties with their Malayan leaders and members will help restore Sarawak’s autonomies.”

“Complete devolution of power is the only real deal for Sarawakian. I hope Sarawakians will make no mistake about this.” Kho emphasized.


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