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Raid on pirated DVD/VCD

A total of 16,133 pieces of pirated VCD/DVD of music and movies valued at RM85,574.50 were seized in the three day operation carried out by various government agencies, said Stanley Tan, Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism State Director.

Tan disclosed today that Under the Trade Description Act 2011, there were 14 cases and two cases of Copyright Act 1987. A total of 44 commercial centres throughout the State were checked.

Those who were convicted under the Trade Description Act 2011 would be fined not less than RM100,000 or jail not more than three years.

Under the Copyright Act 1987, there were two cases and those found to be guilty would be fine not less than RM2,000 or more than RM20,000 or five years jail or both.

Tan said the raid was conducted with the assistance from government agencies which included his department, Commercial Crime IPK Sarawak, KDN, Finas, councils and the Copyright department.

The raid, starting April 21, would continue until 26th. Tan said this was a nationwide operation aimed to eliminate pirated disc and called for the support of everyone to stop the spread of pirate DVD/CDs.

He added that whoever has information can contact the Hotline 1-800-886-800 or telephone 082-466052.

Stanley (right) with a staff showing the seized DVD.

Stanley (right) with a staff showing the seized DVD.

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